Raising awareness and publicity of the importance of forest functions in the landscape and near-natural watercourses in urban areas as a part of basin ecosystem services

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"Increasing awareness and propagation of functions of forests in landscape and in-nature riverbeds in urban environment as a component of ecosystem drainage basin service".

The project focuses on the increase of public awareness of the importance and value of functions of forests and in-nature riverbeds in urban areas. This is to be achieved by aims and outputs of this project - popular science books presenting information not only in texts but also using extensive photo documentation.The project will provide a basement not only to general public, but also to professionals - practical engineers, public service and scientists. For this purpose we are preparing international scientific conferences and scholarly seminars. Travelling photo exhibitions will serve as a complementary popularizing factor.

The project consists of three areas. The first one is field mapping of condition of recreation potential of rivers in 30 cities in the Czech Republic.

The functions of forest and their promotion is demonstrated on eight working plan areas representing a wide range of natural and production conditions of forest in the Czech Republic and social demands on them.

Both issues will be complemented with questionnaire surveys on awareness and perception of general public.

The third part focuses on functional integrated production in the forests of Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny and presentation of its role in regional development. TFE MF Křtiny is not only a significant forestry production unit, but also a natural part of the entire region -- it is an important economic element, it increases the recreation potential of suburban recreation areas of Brno, Blansko, Adamov, it takes care of forests in the Protected Landscape Area Moravský kras and last but not least it participates on regional development of active cooperation with MAS Moravský kras (local action group).

Apart from the description of individual locations, the publications will provide a general description and explanation of the importance of solved phenomena such as synthesis of environmental, social and economic aspects.

The website is being modified continuously by adding practical information and professional research results